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Question #1

How do I groom my West Highland Terrier

Westies are a fairly low-maintenance dog when it comes to grooming. They require minimal brushing and bathing. 

Question #2

What is the best food for my Westie?

Westies have a particularly sensitive stomach and can be prone to food allergies. It is important to get the right balance for their nutrition. Talk to your breeder for the best advice. 

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Do you have any other questions?

Wescotthope live and breath Westies, If you have any questions about West Highland White Terriers please contact us. We are happy to talk all things Westies. 

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Unfortunately no dog is 100% hypoallergenic however there are some breeds that are better for allergy sufferers. Westies are one of those breed’s as they are a low shedding breed. 

Westies are extremely intelligent dogs, they are also very inquisitive. Training your Westie from a young ae is very important to show them the pecking order in the household. Remember consistency is the key !

West Highland White Terriers come from the Scottish Highlands. They were originally bred for flushing out burrowing animals so don’t be surprised if your Westie loves to dig. 

Terriers are more independent than other dogs, they can be left alone as long as they have something to keep themselves busy. It is not recommended to leave them any longer than a few hours or they may grow bored of their own company! 

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