Pedigree Guarantee

Pedigree papers showing bloodlines are supplied for all puppies sold from Wescotthope Westies.

Limited Puppies

West Highland White Terriers only have small litters of pups, which makes them quite hard to come by. 

DNA & Genetics Testing

Our stud dogs come from excellent bloodlines. They have been DNA & genetically tested for any inherited diseases.

Forever Home Ready

Puppies sold are provided not only with pedigree papers but are vaccinated, vet-checked, microchipped and ready for their forever home

Happy, Healthy & Social

West Highland White terriers are a beautiful breed with so much personality and love to give. We pride ourselves on producing healthy, well-socialised quality Westies with sound temperaments.

Registered Breeder

Registered Pedigree Breeder.

Dogs Victoria No. 3100058045

Source No. RB114154

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