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Wescotthope Westies

Wescotthope Westies is located in the beautiful countryside of Gippsland Victoria, we live and breathe animals and are dedicated to giving them the best life possible.

West Highland White terriers are a beautiful breed with so much personality and love to give. We pride ourselves on producing healthy, well-socialised quality Westies with sound temperaments.

Our Westies are raised in the family home with the best possible nutritional support giving them a great start in life. Our stud dogs come from excellent bloodlines both Australian and international and have been DNA and genetically tested for any inherited diseases.

Westie Puppies

Pedigree Westie Puppies are extremely adorable they are small in size, have big personalities and are low-maintenance. Westie Puppies make great companion pets and are good with children and other animals. 

Westies usually only have small litters 3-4 pups on average which makes Pedigree pups extremely hard to come by. 

If you want to join our waiting list please apply today. 

Why Choose a Westie?

Are you looking for a small, lively dog that is full of personality? Then you might just fall in love with the West Highland White Terrier! also known as the Westie. The Westie is a popular breed of dog that originates from Scotland. They are most well-known for their white coat of fur, which is why they are sometimes also referred to as “little gentlemen” or “King of the Terriers”.

Westies are friendly, spunky dogs that make great companions for city life or for families. Westies are very strong-willed and like to be the boss so it is important to get a pup from a breeder who knows the temperament and has been brought up in a loving environment.

When it comes to training Westies it is very important to start early, put in the training yards in the beginning and you will have a loyal, trustworthy, low-maintenance family member.

Our Westies

Where to start....


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Research the Breed

It is extremely important when you are choosing a pet you research and consider all breeds. You need to pick the right dog to fit into your family & lifestyle. 


Westie Under a blanket

Registered Breeders

Unfortunately, there are some unsavoury characters in the dog breeding world. It is very important that you only consider buying from registered breeders. 


Westie waiting

Join the Waiting List

There is often a waiting list for pedigree pups from registered & reputable breeders. It all depends on the size of the litters or if you are after a boy or girl.

Finding the right breeder for a Westie pup can be daunting. Particularly for me, as I had already had a gorgeous little westie for 14 years. My new pup would have big paws to fill.

I researched extensively and ended up finding Ros through word of mouth. From the moment we spoke I knew she was the breeder I wanted to go through. And it was the best decision I made.

She sent me regular videos and photos of my puppy. Because we were in different states, I couldn’t “pick” my puppy in person. She told me she matched her puppies to the homes she felt they would thrive in best.

Very early on she said she’d picked my perfect match. Honestly, it was hard leaving such a big decision to someone I had never met in person. But she was spot on.

Rafferty is the perfect fit for me. From the beginning, he was sweet, affectionate, confident, and independent. I put that down to how he was raised in those first two months she hand-raised him.

When I finally met Ros – and Rafferty – I saw what an honest, caring breeder she is. I have no hesitation in recommending Ros and her Westies. My boy is just perfect.

Angela Cox
Seven Network Australia




What Our Clients are Saying?

We welcomed one of Ros’s beautiful Westie pups into our home in Feb 2021. Freya is a fantastic companion. She is lovely, affectionate, war and typically quirky West Highland temperament. She has had no health issues and is a great example of the breed. She is equally as happy snoozing on the couch as she is on long vigorous walks. We love her so much. Ros has an enormous about of love for her dogs, she was diligent in her process of meeting and vetting us as potential owners and was accommodating with visiting the pups. We have enjoyed keeping in touch ever since and would certainly recommend her as a conscientious and caring breeder. If we get another Westie in the future, it will be from Ros!

West Highland White Terrier Freya


We are so grateful to Ros for our beautiful little Archie. It was easy to see how well he was taken care of with his litter from the moment he was born till he became ours. He is healthy, clever, well socialised and a bundle of fun. Her Westies have gorgeous pups. Ros is wonderful to deal with and very professional. I highly recommend her for your Westie

West Highland White Terrier Puppy Archie


We would like to thank Rosalind so much for allowing us to purchase one of her Westie puppies. We named her Ruby, and she is the most precious bundle of joy. She honestly is the best puppy and has settled into our home and hearts so easily. I do believe it is due to all of Rosalind’s hard work and care of Ruby before we picked her up.
I cannot recommend Rosalind’s breeding kennels and care highly enough. We will love and cherish Ruby forever.

Westie Puppy Ruby


We contacted Ros to get a puppy and we were lucky enough to secure one from her. We visited at 6 weeks to make a connection with him and then returned at 8 1/2 weeks to collect him. 
Ros breeds beautiful Westies. Her care and attention to them when mating, pregnant, whelping and caring for the puppies until they are old enough to go to their forever homes is very impressive. She keeps in touch with you as a prospective owner and at handover takes time to explain the care needs of taking home a new born puppy.

We were so impressed we went back and got a second one! We now have two beautiful westies, (a boy & a girl), and we couldn’t be happier. They are extremely healthy, well-adjusted little beings. We love them so much. We got them as loving family members, however, we could definitely show them if we wanted to as they are that good. They both have a beautiful square stance, are quick to learn, and are full of that Westie personality that we love so much.

We knew our pup’s names earlier on and Audrey even knew her name the day we took her home – thanks Ros!

We highly recommend Ros if you’re looking for a puppy.

West Highland White Terriers

Audrey & Angus

Notice To The Public

It has come to my attention that this lady is fraudulently using my breeder Prefix to facilitate selling these dogs.

Wescotthope are no way affiliated with this breeder/person (Hariett Norman) and she is impersonating our highly accredited kennel and using our registration number.

This lady has created a Facebook group which has “10k” followers she allows approved comments so I can not post a warning in there.

Please..please do not send her any money from what we can see she is scamming people for the puppies.Her group and profile has been reported to Facebook.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, this is not a great situation to be in but we are doing everything we can to put a stop to it.

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